A Comprehensive Development Plan or Land Use Plan (LUP) is a tool used for guiding the growth, redevelopment, and overall improvement of the county for next ten (10) to twenty (20) years. The plan will serve as the official statement by Warren County of its vision, intentions, goals, objectives, and strategies for future land use development. The Plan is a community-driven effort, one where Warren County staff and a consultant team led by the Stewart, Inc., Community Planning group will work together to create.

​The Comprehensive Development Plan will update the 2002 Land Development Plan and address new issues and priorities that have come forward in the years since then. The Plan may address several topics as determined by the community but generally a Land Use Plan addresses land use, housing, infrastructure, transportation, economic development, agriculture, recreation, and natural resources. This is a guiding document upon which land use decisions are based. Recommendations in the Plan could call for changes to county ordinances to implement specific decisions as suggested.

A land use plan is not a regulatory document on its own and has no binding legal effect. Rather, it establishes a vision, goals, and priorities through many conversations and community engagement, which are then used to guide future growth and development. It also:

  • Documents a community conversation: “Where are we at? Where would we like to be?”

  • Provides a basis for decision-making, problem-solving and policy development by government officials

  • Establishes priorities for government projects, staff, and services


The planning process will take place over a 10-month time-period beginning in Fall of 2021 and wrapping up in the Summer of 2022. The evolving project schedule is shown here and outlines the three overlapping phases:

  1. Project Initiation & Analysis,

  2. Visioning & Plan Development, and

  3. Implementation & Adoption.


A draft plan is expected for review during early summer of 2022. The Plan will be developed by county staff working in conjunction with consultants and a steering committee. Stakeholders in the public and private sector will be interviewed during the process and there will be multiple opportunities for citizens to participate in the process and provide feedback. See the Get Involved page for more information on upcoming meetings and surveys.